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Running is one of the most simple and purest forms of exercise. It can be enjoyed by so many people and is a great way to keep fit, socialise and see the outside world. Sheffield is an ideal place to explore through running, and that is one of the many reasons as to why it is so popular in the city and the local Peak District.

Sheffield hosts some excellent running terrain from track, to road, to footpaths and the fells. We also have some great local running clubs and races to inspire us on as well.

Unfortunately we also have to contend with injuries which are associated with running. It is all too common to experience overuse injury such as anterior knee pain, achilles tendinopathy and shin splints. Acute muscle strains and various other injuries can occur from running.

Luckily you will find the White House Physiotherapy clinic host a number of clinicians who can assess and treat you and help you get back running as soon as possible. At the clinic we have highly skilled physiotherapists who have years of training and experience in treating running injuries. Steve Canning is an experienced marathon runner, with a PB of 2:43. David Sprot is our Foot and Ankle specialist Physiotherapist, and Dr Lim is our Sports Specialist Doctor. They are all on hand to assist you when needed.

We are able to offer treatment including rehabilitation exercises, manipulation, soft tissue release, training advice, shockwave, k-taping and acupuncture. We make sure we will offer the most appropriate and best treatment for you after a detailed analysis and assessment. We also offer Yoga and Pilates classes and a Strength & conditioning exercise class specifically for runners.

We pride ourselves on serving the local running community for many years and helping to keep everyone fit, active and enjoying their running

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Our team are ready and waiting to assist with your recovery.

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If you would like more information about any of our expert physios for your specific injury or issue, please see their bio below:

Steve Canning
Clinical Director & Senior Physiotherapist
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David Sprot
Senior Physiotherapist - Foot and Ankle Specialist (ESP)
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Charlie Baker
Senior Physiotherapist
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