The Importance of Regular Massage

Massage is proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relieve pain, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. At The White House clinic we offer a range of massage treatments from our Sheffield Main (Sandygate) and Sheffield South (Virgin Active) clinic locations

service benefits

  • High quality massage therapy
  • Treatment tailored to your requirments
  • Relaxing atmosphere

Sports Massage

This is a fantastic way to help athletes and sports people who need to keep their bodies in excellent condition. We can help release the build-up of muscle tension that comes from frequent exercise. This can help relieve any minor niggles and work out problems before they cause an injury. Sports massage can be performed prior to an event, to get the athlete ready for competition and afterwards, to help achieve a quick recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage

We offer an excellent treatment that helps to release deep muscle and fascia tension. This can be concentrated on specific areas where tension has built up. Deep tissue massage can help relieve chronic pain and improve flexibility.

Aromatherapy Massage

Following a consultation, essential oils are selected and blended, appropriate to your individual needs. The oils are absorbed into the body via the skin and lungs with a relaxing massage, this helps to soothe away muscular tension, improve circulation, help release toxins and reduce stress. Essential oils are believed to affect the body on all levels, physically, mentally, even emotionally and spiritually, helping to restore and encourage equilibrium.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy (MLD)

Tammy Peat provides MLD therapy at The White House Clinic - Sheffield Main (Sandygate).

MLD is a very light touch therapy where the skin is worked on in a rhymical and monotonous way, to get the superficial lymph vessels which lie very close to the skin to create lymphatic flow which has an effect on the deeper vessels, thus creating drainage in an area where there is oedema (swelling) and fibrotic tissue (hard tissue).

The therapist drains the area to the next viable nodes in order to reduce swelling and pain .

MLD is a non painful and very relaxing treatment which works hand in hand with compression (we generally need to use compression bandages or use compression garments which are individual tailored )

For more information about our MLD therapy please visit our Specialist Services page

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Jill Saxby
Massage Therapist
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Joy Turnbull
Yoga / Pilates Instructor – including Pre & Post Natal Pilates & Massage Therapist
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Rachel Heley
Sports Massage Therapist
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Tammy Peat
MLD Therapist
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what DO our
clients say?

I discovered the White House during lockdown: 1:1 physiotherapy with Gregg and Pilates for All with Joy. I would really recommend this clinic for their friendly and pr...

Katy Ellerton
July 2020

On Monday 6th April I tried my first virtual Pilates class via Zoom with Irralee. Everything went without a hitch and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. We joined the cla...

June Isles
April 2020

Love going to classes here. The online classes are invaluable whilst we are in lockdown. Thank you Joy for your enthusiasm and dedication.

Susan Marcer
April 2020

I had a video assessment with Gregg this week and it was brilliant. Given the circumstances I wasn't sure how affective it would be but was desperate for advice around...

Ben Graney
April 2020

Steve "cured" a neck and shoulder sports injury whilst practising karate. I have a monthly maintenance treatment to stay on top of it. Very good and pain free now

Debbie Knighton
November 2019

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