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    As a teenager, John started training in a classical Japanese martial art which led to an interest in the associated bodywork systems. Through this, he developed a fascination with movement efficiency, how the body functions, and how it adapts (good and bad) to the lifestyles we lead. This, along with an enjoyment of delivering a treatment and seeing the benefits of this to people, attracted him to therapeutic bodywork full-time after a long career in pub management.

    John has long been interested in movement, or more particularly, helping people move better through soft tissue therapy and postural exercises, to re-integrate movement patterns for optimal function. He aims to help relieve tension and stress brought on from daily life and for those needing it, improve performance and speed up recovery times from injuries working alongside our team of physiotherapists.

    However, sports massage isn’t just for players of sport. Overuse injuries (and other issues) are common place in sedentary jobs, where sub-optimal movement patterns take hold with people sitting in poor postures for long periods of time. John’s treatment aim is to relax, release, and re-energise the body and mind, allowing you to enhance and hone your performance, and assist with easing pain. John will work with your Nervous System using a range of soft tissue techniques, taping, cupping and percussion to improve proprioceptive feedback into you system

    He believes movement matters, which is why you can find him incorporating some Functional Bodywork techniques into his massage sessions to assist further. He also tries to empower clients by educating them on common misconceptions about pain and how to add small bouts of ‘movement snacking’ into their day and guide them on their own healing path.

    In his free (active) time, John can be found practising Gyokko Ryu Taijutsu, training for a Tough Mudder event with his wife/friends, or just doing random ‘movement snacking’ throughout the day to keep his joints mobile and flexible. In quieter moments, he will be reading something movement or body related, doing some breathing techniques, or cooking and having a glass of wine with his wife and friends.

John Wort

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John Wort

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