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Here you will find recent news and clinic updates, as well as advice on a range of conditions and treatments that are available to you at the White House Clinic. If you're looking for specific advice, training guides or homecare articles, please visit our Advice Centre.

Nutrition for the Prevention and Treatment of Muscle Injury
Combatting Common Nutritional Deficiencies
Job opening for a Senior Physiotherapist in Sheffield
Anatomy, Pathology & Treatment of the Shoulder Joint
Anatomy, Pathology and Treatment of the Lower Back
Neck Pain with Cycling - Treatment Advice
Anatomy, Pathology & Treatment of the Hip joint
48 miles in 48 hours update, and how best to prepare for your own challenge?
Anatomy, Pathology & Treatment of the Knee Joint
An Occupational Health Handbook for Working from Home
Ossur Knee Brace Fitting Services
A Physiotherapist's Guide to Training for Running - Part 4
A Physiotherapist's Guide to Training for Running - Part 3
A Physiotherapist's Guide to Training for Running - Part 2
A Physiotherapist's Guide to Training for Running - Part 1
White House Clinic supporting “48 Miles in 48 Hours” endurance challenge in support of Sheffield Mind
A Physiotherapist's Guide To Preventing Injuries While Gardening
A Physiotherapists Guide To Common Climbing Injuries
A Physiotherapist’s Guide To Home-Based ‘Golf Fitness’ - Part 3
A Physiotherapist’s Guide To Home-Based ‘Golf Fitness’ - Part 2
A Physiotherapist’s Guide To Home-Based ‘Golf Fitness’ - Part 1
Latest Newsletter
The benefits of having a Video or Telephone Consultation with your Physio
“How to guide” for downloading and using Zoom for Video Consultations
Video consultations available at the White House Clinic
White House Physiotherapy Clinic Coronavirus / Staying at home advice
Sheffield Climbing Clinic at the White House Clinic
One Health Group and The White House Clinic
COVID-19 - Service update
The White House Clinic partnership with Bupa Health Centre Sheffield
How to Stay Healthy Whilst Gardening
Golf: The Most Dangerous Sport?
Low Back pain - treatment
Low Back Pain - advice
Patient Sucess Stories
Golf upper limb strengthening programme...
Easy Golf Stretches and Flexibility Exercises
Video Gait Analysis
What Are The Benefits Of Orthotic Devices?
What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?
Four things you never knew about your body
How To Just Keep Running & Run Some More
How I sped up my Recovery from a Leg Fracture: A Clinician's Personal Experience
Lower Limb Post Surgery Advice
Introducing Yoga - Stand Tall & Feel Freer
Get More From Pilates
Pain In The Neck?
Advice For Back Pain Sufferers
What is Acupuncture?
Common Walking Injuries: Sprained Ankle
Common Climbing Finger Injuries
Common Football Injurys & How To Treat Them
Golfers Elbow – The Facts
Top Running Tips From The Physios
Frequently Asked Questions about Neuro Physiotherapy and Multiple Sclerosis
Marathon and Half-marathon masterclass
Run Screening Assessment
Text Neck
The Physical Perils of Parenthood
Round Sheffield Run
Spring forward to your next running event
Staying Safe On The Slopes
The Sitting Disease Which Could Kill You
Top five skiing holiday preparation tips
Ski-Fit - pre ski training should be taken seriously
Exercise Fuel
Don't Run Out of Steam
What are Barefoot Running Shoes?
Sally comes 2nd in the Highland Fling Ultra Marathon
Creating The Ideal Conditions for Yoga and Pilates
Wattbike Assessments
Strength + Conditioning Class For Runners
GOLFIT is Returning
Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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