Run Screening Assessment


Here at the White House, we have recently had some great feedback from our Running assessments. Don't wait until you have an injury to see us, why not let us see how you can prevent getting injured in the 1st place?! We use tests for strength, flexibility, movement control and balance. Steve will assess you on the treadmill and video your run technique and analyse your posture.

Run screen

The run screening an hour long assessment, so be prepared to be put through your paces!

Following the assessment, Steve will send you a detailed report of his findings, with specific Strength and Conditioning exercises designed for you, and you only.

The assessment cost is £90.

Call the clinic and ask to speak to Steve if you want to know more or book in.

Steve Canning

Clinical Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Steve is the Clinical Director and a Senior Physiotherapist at the White House clinic and has worked at the clinic since 2005. He qualified with a BSc in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University in 2002.

Steve Canning

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Run Screening Assessment

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