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Pilates was developed in the 20th Century after its namesake, Joseph Pilates. He believed that mental and physical health were related, thus helping to forms its principles and practice. Pilates is focused on controlled movement, and can also help with flexibility and strength.

Pilates can also be adapted, as we have done at the White House Clinic, to work well in a clinical setting. Clinical Pilates is based on the foundations of traditional Pilates involving a series of exercises focusing on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. It is run by qualified physiotherapists who are APPI trained and have a special interest in Pilates for injury management and prevention.

Being experts of the body, if you are struggling with back or neck pain or recovering from a surgery, trained physiotherapists and instructors scan select the most appropriate exercises for you. There is a large amount of evidence which supports Pilates in the prevention of back injuries as it encourages movement, improves posture, strength, and flexibility. Understanding a range of health conditions means sessions can be tailored at the correct level, making clinical Pilates accessible for all.

At the White House Clinic, we have several in-house Senior Physiotherapists with vast experience in Clinical Pilates. Most notably, Senior Physiotherapists, Charlotte Jackson and Emma Clements. They lead the way for us in terms of our Clinical Pilates practice and are supported by a host of instructors.

If you are new to Pilates or wanting to build up your confidence prior to joining the class, you may want a 1-1 session. This will ensure that you are thoroughly assessed, and all your exercises are tailored to your specific needs. 1-1 sessions can also help guide you into a class most suited to you. This is particularly important for anyone with a history of injuries or reoccurring “niggles”, as certain exercises may aggravate particular conditions if not completed correctly.

At the White House Clinic, we offer multiple classes working at different levels including chair-based, beginners and intermediate class. Please contact us if you are wanting more information.

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