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The origins of the sport of Golf have been heavily debated, but it is generally believed that the modern game was developed in Scotland in the middle ages. It spread internationally during the 19th century and since then it has risen to be one of the most played sports, with up to 60 million people of all sexes, ages and ability levels playing Golf regularly around the world.

With all of our clinic locations surrounded by miles and miles of countryside, offering some fantastic and well regarded Golf courses to play at, it is no wonder that Golf is one of the most common sports the White House Clinic treat injuries for.

Sadly, due to the complexities of the biomechanics of the golf-swing, alongside common physical limitations in the general population who play golf, golf injuries can and do occur. But fear not, below you will find free expert advice with our “Physiotherapist’s guide to home-based ‘golf fitness’”. This information will not only help you to reduce your risk of injury whilst playing golf, but it will also make your own golf-swing more ‘efficient’.

For golfers who are wanting to perform at their peak, our Senior Physiotherapist Gregg Roberts has a specialist interest in golf injuries. He is a keen golfer himself, having previously held a handicap of 3 and still playing as regularly as work and family life allows. He has set up The Golf Clinic which is a specialist branch of the White House Clinic dedicated to treating golfers and getting them back on the course as soon as possible. The Golf Clinic not only offers treatment to injured golfers, but it assists golfers with injury prevention through prescribing bespoke golf specific Strength and Conditioning programs. The Golf Clinic also offers a direct link to expert PGA certified professional golf coaching/teaching with Joe Froggatt (Head Golf Professional at Hallamshire Golf Club) and also runs on-site Golf-Fit classes at our Sheffield Main site. These services can offer golfers a full package to improve both the physical and technical components of their golf-swing. You can visit further information on this specialist service by clicking here.

Golf is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy so it is always great to hear from those who play. Like with any sport, golf injuries and niggles can occur, however almost all golf related injuries are treatable or preventable with specialist physiotherapy. Get in touch today with any questions about injuries or issues you might have.

Happy Golfing!

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