Top 10 Exercises for Golfers


Following the success of our recent event for golfers, we are delighted to be sharing the exercises we took everyone through on the night. Below are the exercises deemed by our golf expert and leading physiotherapist, Gregg Roberts, as the 'Top 10'.

90/90 with single leg extended

1 Set / 10 Reps / 3 s hold
Lie on your side with your lower leg extended and your upper knee and hip bent at 90 degrees. Reach your arms out in front of you with your hands one on top of the other. Open out the upper arm, keeping your back on the floor.
Hold your knees on the floor and keep your pelvis still.
At the end of the rotation, breathe out and hold.
Rotate to the other side breathing normally.
Turn your arm as far as possible.

Hip 90/90

1 Set / 10 Reps / 2 s hold
Adopt a sitting position with your back straight, legs out wide and knees bent. Drop both knees to one side under control until you are in 90/90 position. Return to the start position and repeat on the opposite side.

“Thread the needle” full rotation

1 Set / 10 Reps / 3 s hold
Start on your hands and knees, with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Take one hand off the floor and reach in and through between your other arm and your legs. Allow your body and head to follow, moving your shoulder down towards the floor as your hand reaches through.
You should feel a stretch down your side, your shoulder blade and neck.
Hold this position, and then return to the starting position.
Reach your arm out to the other side, and then up towards the ceiling.
Follow the movement of your hand with your head, twisting in the other direction to look up towards the ceiling. Hold this position, and then repeat the sequence.

Wall angels

1 Set / 10 Reps / 3 s hold
Stand with your back against a wall and bend your knees a little.
Your shoulders and head should be touching the wall.
Start with your upper arms at your side with your elbows bent.
Your wrists and forearms should be touching the wall.
Bring your arms up as high as you can get them, without any of your body parts coming away from the wall. When you reach as far as you can, slide the arms back down to the start position.

Active hip abduction in side lying

3 Sets / 10 Reps / 2 s hold
Lie on your side with your affected leg on top.
Bend your bottom leg for stability but keep your top leg straight and in line with your body. Lift the top leg up, making sure you do not roll your body forward or backward.
Control the movement as you lower it back down to the starting position and repeat.

Bridge hold single leg extension

3 Sets / 10 Reps / 2 s hold
Start position is lying on the back with the hips raised off the floor and body supported by the upper back and feet, keep the head off the floor with the chin tucked in.
Lift one leg and straighten at the knee.
Keep the leg aligned with the trunk.
Do not let the pelvis sag down to the side.
Hold this position, then switch legs without lowering the hips, as long as your form remains perfect, continue on switching over between legs.
Advanced techniques include placing the arms overhead and the heels further from the body when commencing the exercise.


3 Sets / 10 Reps
Kneel down on the floor on your hands and knees in the all-fours position.
Keep your back straight throughout this exercise and perform at a slow controlled pace. Contract the abdominal muscles by pulling your naval in towards your spine and stretch one leg out to the rear, at the same time extend the arm on the opposite side of your body out towards the front. Do not rotate the trunk and keep your back straight as you extend your arm and leg. Hold and then return to the starting position.
Then switch to the other arm and leg.
Do two to three repetitions on each side.
Perform this exercise at a slow controlled pace.

Split squat - with dumbbells

3 Sets / 10 Reps / 3kg weight
Stand with your feet in a staggered stance, holding a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder level. Initiate the movement by flexing at the hips, knees and ankles until your front thigh is parallel to the ground. Your back must remain straight and upright throughout the movement with the head up and your gaze forward. Keep your knee inline with your toe and do not allow your heel to rise off the ground. Stand by pushing through your hip and returning to standing position.
Start with body weight. Repeat on both sides.

Resisted pull downs in stand

3 Sets / 10 Reps
Stand up straight holding a resistance band in both hands.
Hold your arms above your head shoulder width apart and gather the ends of the band round your hands to create some tension.
Keeping your shoulder blades relaxed and your neck long, bend your elbows pulling the band down towards the top of your head.
Ensure your elbows move out to the side and your forearms remain vertical.
Control the movement as you raise your arms back up to the ceiling and repeat.

Scaption with dumbbell

3 Sets / 10 Reps / 1kg weight
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand.
Pull your shoulder blades back and down towards your backside.
Contract your glutes and keep your stomach tight.
Abduct your shoulders 90 degrees and raise the weight out in front of your body then return to the starting position.
Start with a tin of beans each side

Watch the event back on YouTube

All our events are uploaded to YouTube shortly after the live event takes place. You can watch the Top 10 Exercises for Golfers event by clicking here. Remember to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with our latest uploads.

Gregg Roberts

Operations Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Gregg is the Operations Director and a Senior Physiotherapist at the White House Clinic. He qualified with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009.

Gregg Roberts

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