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Cricket has always been a very popular family sport in England, and is regarded as a quintessential ‘English’ game. In countries like India and Australia, which are densely populated, it is their most popular sport and this has helped it become the second most played sport (worldwide) after football with an estimated 220 million people playing regularly around the world.

With Hallam Cricket Club, one of the oldest cricket clubs in the U.K and arguably the oldest ground in Yorkshire just a stone’s throw away from our head office at Sandygate, and a magnitude of other cricket clubs found locally to each of our clinics, it is no surprise that Cricket related injuries are some of the most common we treat at White House Clinic.  

Due to the nature of modern-day Cricket, with both longer (50 overs plus) and shorter formats (T20), playing Cricket involves both endurance and strength fitness, and this therefore means that injuries are sadly commonplace. Within our Advice Centre below, you will find free expert advice with our “How to play pain free cricket”. This article has been put together with one of our business partners, CricFit (led by Sam Hunt) who specialise in Strength and Conditioning for cricketers, and it gives some insight into playing cricket and remaining pain free.

For Cricketers who are wanting to perform at their peak, we have several in-house Senior Physiotherapists with vast experience in treating Cricket related injuries. Most notably, Senior Physiotherapist, Iby Asif who plays for and captains his local Cricket team. Iby also works very closely with Sam Hunt from Cricfit to ensure that Cricketers can get the best treatment and support on their journey from injury to returning to playing. Sam Hunt also runs a weekly CricFit class at our Sandygate clinic in Sheffield for those Cricketers wishing to work on their Cricket fitness in the off-season. 

Cricket is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy so it is always great to hear from those who play. Like with any sport, Cricket injuries and niggles can occur, however almost all cricket related injuries are treatable or preventable with specialist physiotherapy. Get in touch today with any questions about injuries or issues you might have.

Happy Cricketing!

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