Cricfit provides cricket specific Strength & Conditioning coaching to amateur players

Formed in 2020, Cricfit provides accessible & affordable S&C programmes and coaching services to all levels of cricketers. Cricfit allows cricketers to bowl faster, hit the ball further and play free cricket. Cricfit is based in Sheffield but programmes can be accessed worldwide via the Cricfit app. 

A majority of amateur cricketers wakeup the day after a game in pain or suffer from knee & back pain for the rest of their life. This shouldn't be the case with the correct S&C services being available and Cricfit aims to fill this gap. 

Unless children are picked up at a young age by a major county or are fortunate enough to have access to S&C at school, they won't be exposed to the correct S&C. Providing equal opportunities for all children to become the best cricketers they can be is important to Cricfit as physical literacy should not be a limiting factor for any child. 

Whatever your age, role and facilities, Cricfit will give you access to S&C!

What we do

Strength & Conditioning Programmes

Programmes are provided via the Cricfit app. Choose the relevant programme dependent on your age, role and facilities. Every exercise on the app features an instructional video demonstration from head coach Sam. All the programmes will have you fitter than ever for the start of the season and help you maintain your fitness during the season. 


1:1 and group coaching services are provided by Cricfit . These can be accessed face to face in the Sheffield region or online.

Our Expertise

Meet the Team

A skilled and experienced team to help you every step of the way.

Sam Hunt
  • CRICFIT group sessions & 1:1s
  • Strength & Conditioning for Cricketers

Our team are ready and waiting to assist with your recovery.

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