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Football is the world’s most popular ball game. It was estimated that at the turn of the 21st century there were approximately 250 million football players and 1.3 billion people ‘interested’ in football. Football, as we know it, is believed to have originated in the 19th Century, and the first official rules were published by the newly formed FA in 1863.

With Sheffield FC, the world’s first football club, just a stones throw from our head office at Sandygate, and a magnitude of other football clubs found locally to each of our clinics, it is no surprise that Football related injuries are some of the most common we treat at White House Clinic.

Sadly, due to the contact element and vigorous nature of Football, injuries are common place. But fear not, within our Advice Centre below, or by clicking here you will find free expert advice with our “A Physiotherapist’s Guide to Training for Football”. This information will help you to understand the principles of Football fitness and which areas of your body you need to work on.

For Footballers who are wanting to perform at their peak, we have several in-house Senior Physiotherapists with vast experience in treating Football related injuries. Most notably, Senior Physiotherapist Charlie Baker spent 5 years working full-time working for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club before joining out practice full-time and Gregg Roberts, our Operations Director and Senior Physiotherapist also spent 3 years working part-time for Barnsley Football Club.

Football is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy so it is always great to hear from those who play. Like with any sport, football injuries and niggles can occur, however almost all football related injuries are treatable or preventable with specialist physiotherapy. Get in touch today with any questions about injuries or issues you might have.

Happy Footballing!

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