Remote Physiotherapy via Video Consultation

When face to face appointments are not available, there is still ALOT that we can offer. Video Consultations can be very effective for ensuring that your pain and symptoms can still be managed from the comfort of your own home, work-space or even whilst on holiday.

It is VITAL that we can continue to help you manage your pain and symptoms, whilst you are unable to see us face-to-face in one of our clinics. A Video Consultation could help you to recover your health and fitness without delay. Delaying your treatment may increase and prolong any symptoms you have, and it may also lead to more complex issues which will become harder to treat later down the line.

service benefits

We are using and offering physiotherapy consultations very effectively through video on your PC / laptop / smartphone. These types of consultations can offer many benefits.

Remote Physiotherapy Brought Directly To You

The video process allows us to speak to you directly about your symptoms. We will observe your movements and postures and we might also ask you to do specific 'functional tests'. From that, we will provide advice and education on how best to manage your symptoms.

Personalised Exercise Programmes

Our software allows us to create and send you personalised exercise programmes with videos and clear instructions. These can be viewed by you on whichever platform is best- Smartphone / Tablet / PC. You will also have the option to print these exercises in a simple PDF format if you would prefer to have them in hard copy format.

No Delays To Your Recovery

Using this treatment option can mean little delay in ensuring that your treatment goals are reached as quickly as possible despite not being able to get into clinic. We want you to recover as quickly as possible without developing additional or more complex complaints.

Telephone Consultations Also An Option

Telephone consultations are also available in instances where patients do not have the technology to support video consultations. Although these are less effect then video, they are better then no treatment option at all. From these Telephone Consultations we will be able ask specific questions about your pain and symptoms. From that line of questioning, we will then formulate a personalised exercise programme and advise you on the best ways to help to improve your symptoms if face to face treatment or video consultation isn't an option.

Easy Booking

To book a Video Consultation simply click here, or for more information call us on 0114 2302030.

Most of the leading private health insurance providers are covering Video Consultations within their policies, these include Bupa, Nuffield, Westfield, AXA PPP, Cigna and Vitality to name a few.

If Zoom is something that you aren't unfamiliar with then please see our “How to guide for downloading and using Zoom".

our TEAM

David Sprot
Senior Physiotherapist - Foot and Ankle Specialist (ESP)
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Gregg Roberts
Operations Director & Senior Physiotherapist
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Helen Dinneen
Senior Physiotherapist
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Irralee Andrzejowska
Senior Physiotherapist
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James Walker
Senior Physiotherapist
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Molly Sandhu
Senior Neuro-Physiotherapist
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Nanette Oakes
Senior Physiotherapist - Upper Limb Specialist (ESP)
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Ric Lockhart
Senior Physiotherapist
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Stacey Shepherd
Senior Physiotherapist
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Steve Canning
Clinical Director & Senior Physiotherapist
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what DO our
clients say?

On Monday 6th April I tried my first virtual Pilates class via Zoom with Irralee. Everything went without a hitch and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. We joined the cla...

June Isles
April 2020

Love going to classes here. The online classes are invaluable whilst we are in lockdown. Thank you Joy for your enthusiasm and dedication.

Susan Marcer
April 2020

I had a video assessment with Gregg this week and it was brilliant. Given the circumstances I wasn't sure how affective it would be but was desperate for advice around...

Ben Graney
April 2020

Steve "cured" a neck and shoulder sports injury whilst practising karate. I have a monthly maintenance treatment to stay on top of it. Very good and pain free now

Debbie Knighton
November 2019

You can get all you want from this store

Alan Smith
September 2019

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