White House Clinic FCP Services

At the White House Clinic, we believe we are different and have developed an advanced package of services, offering GP’s the opportunity to enhance the services they could provide to their patients.

How do the White House Clinic’s FCP services differ to others?

At the White House Clinic, we offer the premier package of FCP services that incorporate three core elements at no extra cost to the Primary Care Network/GP’s.

These are:

  • Digital Clinical Support Platform (in partnership from ZoomPhysio)- providing injury orientated guidance and self-management within 24 hours of referral
  • Virtual Physio – primarily video consultation but telephone if video is not accessible
  • Face-to-Face (F2F) FCP service on-site and within GP surgeries.

Our preference is to provide each PCN with a totally new service that brings in advanced technology, and one that will make a difference in terms of patient access and outcomes, whilst maximising the use of each FCP in their role with each GP surgery.

Patients get access to a physiotherapy service that delivers within 24 hours of engagement, avoiding excessive waiting times which can be both costly and detrimental to patient health and well-being.

At the White House Clinic, whilst we recommend an even mix of the above three services, our FCP service offering is flexible, meaning that each Primary Care Network/GP can pick themselves what ratio of each of the above services they want.

Highly trained and Experienced Clinicians

At the White House Clinic, we have built a team of experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists including ESP’s and APP’s that deliver our FCP services.

Our staff are therefore able to help each PCN/GP develop services and improve on the current FCP concept. These additional services might include on-site injection clinics, a scanning service (USS) or more specialist access to integrated healthcare with orthopaedic groups.

Each of our PCN/FCP contracts is led clinically by an FCP Supervisor. These FCP Supervisors oversee their own team of FCP’s and work with each of the clinicians to ensure their competencies and requirements for the role fit with Health Education England and the FCP Roadmap.

If you need or want any further details about our FCP services, then please contact us.

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