Why choose WHC to undertake your FCP services

At the White House Clinic, we feel that we offer the premier package of FCP services with huge benefits. These benefits include:


We track and monitor all our data and outcomes accurately, meaning we can provide feedback of our service level success to GP’s and PCN’s. We provide monthly activity data and a cost analysis so it’s clear to see (possibly for the first time ever) exactly what money is being spent on.


Our core elements are fitting for the current climate surrounding COVID-19 and allow patients to continue to have access to services whether that be in person or virtually.


Our FCP services can be easily flexed and adjusted to suit from each of the above core elements, alongside providing all the necessary staffing levels - this guarantees that our service offerings always remain within each Primary Care Network/GP budget and is specific for each Primary Care Network/GP requirement.


We know each GP practice within a Primary Care Network works differently and we mould our services to fit each requirement, ensuring each practice gets a fair share of the DES fund allowance for the FCP service.

Advanced Clinical Practice

We have an array of very qualified staff including ESP’s and APP’s that deliver our FCP services. Our staff are therefore able to help each Primary Care Network/GP develop services and improve on the current FCP concept. These additional services might include on-site injection clinics, a scanning service (USS) or more specialist access to integrated healthcare with orthopaedic groups.

If you need or want any further details about our FCP services, then please contact us.

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