RA\DAR – Rapid Advanced Assessment & Diagnosis, Assisting Recovery

Have you been referred to NHS triage services like “CATS” (Clinical Assessment and Triage Service) and would prefer not to wait...?

Do you have an injury which has not responded to ‘normal management’ in the ‘expected’ timeframe…?

Do you have a complex issue which has been difficult to diagnose, and you want to discuss your options in more detail…?

Or are you simply wanting to fast track your recovery from a complex issue…?

At the White House Clinic, we understand that NHS wait times for Musculo-skeletal/Orthopaedics services are at an all-time high. It is well written that there are huge numbers of patients waiting to be seen by these inundated services, feeling their own health and condition worsening all the same. 

At the White House Clinic, we offer a uniquely specialist service, RA\DAR, which is delivered by our team of Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners (APPs) to help patients suffering in this way, or for those just wanting rapid access to the help they need for their complex or ‘unresolved’ condition.

Our team of APPs are highly trained physiotherapy practitioners, and they can undertake more complex assessments of Musculo-skeletal/Orthopaedic disorders, helping you to plan your route to recovery, all whilst providing support and assistance along the way at each level.

Due to the nature of this service, our specialist practitioners (with your consent) will work closely with consultants, a variety of healthcare specialists, and other physiotherapists to provide a diagnosis for your disorder and explore all management options to help you recover.

Within our RA\DAR Service, our clinicians can provide you with:

  • Rapid access to Advanced Musculo-skeletal/Orthopaedic Assessment and Reporting
  • Diagnosis and assistance with requesting images such as MRI’s, ultrasound scans, and x-rays (where appropriate)
  • Help to arrange appropriate blood tests
  • Appropriate prescription medications (if required)
  • Advice on the best next steps – whether that be non-surgical or surgical
  • Your best onward referral options (if required) including NHS choices and self-funded/private options, and help to arrange these for you
  • Non-surgical management options including Bracing, Injection Therapy and Personally Tailored Rehabilitation Plans

If you believe you have a condition that warrants this level of advanced assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning/management/support, we advise that you book a RA\DAR Assessment appointment by clicking here

For more information, or to discuss your condition with us and whether this service is appropriate for you before booking, please contact us here


FAQ 1 – How long is a RA\DAR Assessment appointment?

This assessment appointment is typically 1 hour in length and includes at least an additional 15 minutes of report writing and planning within the package.

FAQ 2 – What can I expect within a RA\DAR Assessment appointment?

During your RA\DAR Assessment appointment you will discuss your condition with our specialist practitioner (APP). They will ask questions relating to your issue, which may include:

  • The history of your condition
  • Activities that influence your symptoms
  • Your general health and wellbeing
  • Medical history and medication
  • Your work, hobbies, commitments, and interests and how they are affected

You will have a physical examination as part of your assessment. This may require you to undress down to your underwear depending on the area of your condition; you may wish to bring shorts and a vest for your comfort.

Following your assessment, our practitioner will discuss the diagnosis and management of your problem and agree a plan with you.

FAQ 3 – What happens after my RA\DAR Assessment appointment, and will I need a follow-up appointment within this service?

After agreeing your management plan, you may be:

  • Given advice and discharged if you can self-manage with your problem
  • Referred for private further investigations, which could include x-ray, blood tests, MRI, or ultrasound scanning - our clinician will be able to advise you of your NHS options with this too (if this is your preference)
  • Referred to our private physiotherapy team to support and assist you in your rehabilitation – we can also help with a referral to NHS physiotherapy if this is your preference
  • Referred to our Persistent Pain team to support and assist your recovery
  • Referred to another service, for example, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology or Pain Management – our clinician will be able to advise of both your private and NHS options with this
  • Offered an injection (with private and NHS options discussed)
  • Advised around medications, or even be prescribed medications
  • Offered a follow-up appointment

If a follow-up appointment is advised, this could be conducted via telephone, by video consultation, or face-to-face. This will be discussed with you within your RA\DAR Assessment appointment.

FAQ 4 – Which other healthcare professions may I be advised to see within this service?

Our APPs working within this service have close working relationships with GPs, physiotherapists, podiatrists, orthotists, orthopaedic consultants/surgeons, other specialist consultants and pain management specialists. They will be able to advise you of the best next steps in helping to resolve your issue leading you back to recovery.

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