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The White House Clinic have been providing a range of musculoskeletal services and support to Yorkshire and Derbyshire based businesses for many years now.

It is well publicised that keeping a workplace healthy and moving can easily reduce the chance of long-term absenteeism.

The White House Clinic can provide a personalised Occupational Physiotherapy service that will help keep your workforce as healthy and as safe as possible.

With the recent COVID-19 situation and many people turning to work from home, there is an increased urgency to understand and manage musculoskeletal postural conditions like back and neck pain. The White House Clinic team can help you and your workforce through this, and offer specific advice to assist with issues that occur from your working environment.

Tailor-made to your requirements

Our Occupational Health Service is individually tailored for everyone we work with. Offering a range of services to large national employers, regional companies, smaller local businesses and individuals, in the workplace and at home, we can provide a specific, highly trained physiotherapist or specialist to look after your requirements, helping to keep your workforce as fit and healthy as possible.

With rapid access and no waiting lists, we can provide easy access to expert knowledge, including musculoskeletal advice via video call, providing remote national care with the option of regional access to worksite or clinic based services. Typical services include: massage to reduce tension, manual therapy to help recover from injury, rehabilitation exercises, return to work liaison and planning, ergonomic review and set up.

Our proactive approach gives employers and employees the chance to:

  • Prevent workplace musculoskeletal issues from occurring
  • Help to manage existing musculoskeletal disorders so that employees can remain at work safely
  • Offer accelerated return to work programmes for those currently signed off work and looking to return
  • Provide advice and training to employees in how to prevent and manage injury

The White House Clinic brings a combination of clinical excellence and variety to our physiotherapy. We offer our clients superior treatments, at your convenience, with the peace of mind you get from a friendly, professional company that works alongside national insurers and healthcare providers.

The White House Clinic Approach

Our specialists work on a simple strategy in delivering a clear and effective service to our clients:

1. Prevention and Education

Whilst physiotherapists predominantly treat pain and injury, they are also ideally positioned to assess for risk of injury before it happens. Repetitive strain injuries are often preventable with correction of working practices. Accident risks can be reduced through risk assessment. If problems can be prevented before they even occur, the benefits are exponential.

2. Assessment

If a client attends to see one of our physiotherapists with musculoskeletal symptoms or an injury, the first thing we do is a full and detailed assessment of the injury, We can then establish the severity and irritability of the problem and provide immediate guidance on activity levels, exercises and fitness for work.

3. Treatment and rehabilitation

Our team are highly skilled in offering a wide variety of clinical treatment and we pride ourselves on our manual therapy skills. We also offer patient specific exercise advice, as we know a one size fits all approach does not provide the outcomes we desire. We aim for a quick and effective recovery through our rehabilitation strategy.

4. Training

Once a client has overcome an injury it is all too easy to return to normal and forget about it. We find that education and training are vital at this stage in order to prevent any future reoccurrence of the problem.

5. Shared goals

When it comes to Occupational Health, we all have the same shared goals in mind. The aim of the employer, the employee and our Physiotherapy team is to help recover from injury and be fit and healthy for work. We are highly motivated in maximising your employee’s health and well-being, which will lead to improved job satisfaction, reduced sickness absence and improved productivity.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a musculoskeletal problem?

Musculoskeletal problems are one of the most common reason for absence from work. They include joint, bone and muscles injuries and conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis and sports injuries. Musculoskeletal problems cost the UK an estimated £7 billion per year.

How can Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapists are highly trained in the specific management of musculoskeletal disorders. They have in depth knowledge and training to help with recovery from these problems, and can offer a range of treatment interventions that can help. They are also able to offer advice and guidance on when you might need further assessment and advice from other medical professionals, including your GP and orthopaedic surgeons.

Why choose the White House Clinic?

The White House Clinic have been helping treat patients in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire for over 50 years. We have a highly trained team of physiotherapists ready to offer professional treatment and advice to you. From our experience of providing occupational health services for so many years, we can offer the best package of care for you and your company.

What are the costs?

With such a wide variety of services that we can offer we find that the best idea is to provide a tailor-made package for you and your company.

We know that we offer excellent value for money, and the evidence proves that for every £1 spent on a service such as this, the average saving is £4 to your business, making it a very cost-effective solution (ref: CSP). Our treatments are approved by all major private medical insurance providers, and most services can be claimed through this method.

What is the employer’s responsibility?

An employer holds a moral obligation as well as a legal duty to provide a safe working environment for employees. That is not the only reason why it is worth investing in your employee’s health; it also increases productivity and loyalty through increased job satisfaction and attendance.

Our main Occupational Health Services include:

  • Video & telephone consultations and reviews
  • On-site or clinic based Physiotherapy assessment and treatment  
  • Ergonomic Workplace assessments
  • Education and training seminars
  • Return to work planning
  • On-site or clinic based massage
  • Exercise and rehabilitation programmes
  • On-site exercise classes (Pilates & Yoga)

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