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Strength & Conditioning Services starting from just £80 per hour

At the White House Clinic, our elite ‘Strength & Conditioning Clinic’ offers specialist services for both amateur and professional athletes from all sports and abilities.

The aim of the ‘Strength & Conditioning Clinic’ is to prevent avoidable injuries, and to assist athletes/participants to reach their full potential by making their bodies more resilient to the internal stresses and outside forces applied to it from their sport.

The ‘Strength & Conditioning Clinic’ is run by our elite sports performance physiotherapist Ric Lockhart. Ric is currently working through his UKSCA Level 4 Strength and Conditioning accreditation, and has worked with both Summer and Winter Olympians and Paralympians, as well as professional football and rugby players helping them reach their full potential and perform on the highest stage. Also, having competed internationally in athletics himself, Ric has experienced coaching and mentoring from some of the world’s foremost experts in their fields. He has taken what he has learnt from some of these world leading coaches and applied this to his own knowledge, helping to find his optimal methods of coaching and practice.

Strength training in the gym can be very confusing as there are so many different views and opinions on what is the best technique or form, and which exercises are best for each individual. At the ‘Strength & Conditioning Clinic’, we use an evidence-based approach to provide coaching, advice and information, as well as collaborating with your sports coaches, in order to help design your bespoke programme. Throughout the sessions you will be continually assessed and analysed in order to coach you to progress towards your optimal technique.

The ‘Strength and Conditioning Clinic’ therefore provides bespoke, tailor-made package for all athletes, whether they are just beginning their pursuit of sport, or are already competing at the top level. The full list of comprehensive services on offer from the ‘Strength & Conditioning Clinic’ includes:

1. Functional Movementand Needs Analysis (with programme)

  • Mobility and functional limitation assessment
  • Sporting Gap analysis
  • Training programme

2. Introduction toOlympic Lifting

  • 4 x 1-hour sessions

3. Full-Season Plan

  • Macro, Meso and Micro-cycle planning integrated with your sport-specific schedule

4. Additional Strengthand Conditioning Sessions

  • Individual 1-1.5 hour bookable sessions

For more information about the ‘Strength & Conditioning Clinic’, or to book, please contact us.

Who is most suited to use the services from the ‘Strength & Conditioning Clinic’?

  • Participants from all sports at all levels
  • Regular gym goers wanting to advance their personal goals and achievements
  • Aged 7 years and up (any younger needs to be discussed prior to booking)
  • Masters athletes looking to progress or find another avenue to help compete for longer

Do you need to bring anything with you to your session?

  • Your current training programme
  • Any recent measurements or P.B’s that have been recorded
  • Suitable gym attire and your usual gym accessories used (i.e. wraps,straps, tape, chalk etc)

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