Ossur Knee Brace Fitting Service

Do you suffer with arthritis of the knee?

The White House clinic are pleased to be approved fitting centres for the Unloader One Knee Brace. The Unloader One X and CTi by Ossur are clinically proven to reduce pain and improve function. The braces work by shifting the pain away from the effected side of the knee to the less affected side, reducing bone on bone contact. Patients have also reported a reduction in the use of prescription anti-inflammatories after using Unloader One X and CTi.

More about the Unloader One X

The Unloader One X features the Össur 3-Point Leverage System. This patented system is clinically proven to improve mobility by providing pain relief from unicompartmental knee OA or degenerative meniscal tears.

Key Features


• Breathable and skin friendly soft goods

• Contours easily to leg shape

• 100 grams lighter than Unloader One SD

• Optimised calf strap design for less migration

• Over-moulded straps resulting in gradual unloading effect

Easy to use

• Machine washable for easy cleaning

• Integrated Smart dosing system for easy self-dosing of pain relief

• Redesigned Quick-Fit buckles with lever arms for easy closure, even by users with limited strength

• Straps adjustable anteriorly

• Improved popliteal pad adjustment


• Stylish, low-profile frame with soft edges

• Thinner, low profile straps

• New ‘forged iron’ colour design

More about the CTi

Key Features

-       Solid CTi carbon frame providing a rigid exo skeleton to stabilise the knee joint

-       Anatomically correct Accutrac® hinge sand flexible cuffs and buckles

-       Breathable liners coated with Sensil®silicone to ensure brace remains properly positioned

-       Comes in OTS (Off The Shelf)or Custom

-       Pro sport version available

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