Gym-led Rehabilitation Service

At the White House Clinic, we pride ourselves on having state-of-the-art gym facilities available on-site within several of our clinic locations. 

Whether it is for rehabilitation following sporting injury, orthopaedic surgery, or a general need for strengthening for instability/weakness following injury, our clinicians have a vast experience in prescribing the very best evidence-based and gym-led rehabilitation programmes.

Several of our clinicians have a keen interest, vast experience, and additional qualifications in Strength & Conditioning, and this plays an essential and vital part in any exercise-based rehabilitation process. Without including Strength and Conditioning in a rehabilitation program, the re-injury risk is almost always significantly higher than if it is included. Having state-of-the-art gym facilities and equipment play a huge role in supporting this phase of the rehabilitation process.

By having clinic locations with state-of-the-art gym facilities available on-site, our clinicians can ensure:

  • Any exercise program you are prescribed can be monitored and altered appropriately with the space and equipment that is required.
  • Individual exercise form can also be monitored more accurately to ‘iron out’ inefficiencies and reduce injury risk when carrying out the program on your own.
  • Appropriate ‘load’ can be used for your prescribed exercises – there are times when heavier/lighter weights are needed to strengthen muscles, tendons, and joints to their optimal functioning state.

By achieving these things, progression to build strength and stability will be faster, maximising your rehabilitation outcomes.

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