Private Pregnancy Care

The White House Clinic partners with Sheffield Private Pregnancy Care (SPPC) to offer a range of services from the pre-conceptual period through to labour and delivery.

Consultants in Obstetrics and specialists in Maternal and Fetal Medicine, Professor Dilly Anumba and Mr Roobin Jokhi can provide flexible antenatal screening for women who wish to have the reassurance of seeing highly trained specialists.

Why Private Care?

Pregnancy is a time of happiness for most couples but for some, it can be a source of great anxiety especially if there have been problems with previous pregnancies, or concerns exist currently. Some of the benefits of private care are:

  • No waiting lists, you can be seen promptly
  • Consultant led expert advice
  • Calm and confidential setting
  • Clean and safe environment
  • State of the art scanning equipment
  • Free parking and refreshments
  • Professional, caring and friendly staff
  • More time dedicated to you and your baby

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June Isles
April 2020

Love going to classes here. The online classes are invaluable whilst we are in lockdown. Thank you Joy for your enthusiasm and dedication.

Susan Marcer
April 2020

I had a video assessment with Gregg this week and it was brilliant. Given the circumstances I wasn't sure how affective it would be but was desperate for advice around...

Ben Graney
April 2020

Steve "cured" a neck and shoulder sports injury whilst practising karate. I have a monthly maintenance treatment to stay on top of it. Very good and pain free now

Debbie Knighton
November 2019

You can get all you want from this store

Alan Smith
September 2019

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