FCP Service Reporting

At the White House Clinic, we have great pride in the accuracy and effectiveness of our FCP service with regular reporting.

What do we do to provide FCP service reporting?

We track and monitor all our data and outcomes accurately, meaning we can provide feedback of our service level success to GP’s and Primary Care Networks on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and/or annual basis depending on how often this is wanted to be reviewed.

How is our FCP service reporting data collected?

Our FCP Service Reporting data is taken and recorded by our FCP’s on the job who assess the patient pathway outcome (i.e., if a patient is referred to MSK services, if a patient is given self-management etc). Our FCP’s input this data into a collection portal and this information is then consolidated and presented in easily readable pie charts and graphs.

How does FCP Service Reporting benefit?

With our FCP Service Reporting, we can therefore provide monthly activity data and a cost analysis so it’s clear to see (possibly for the first time ever) exactly what money is being spent on by the GP’s and Primary Care Networks.

Please see an example of one of these pie charts below which highlights the patient pathway outcomes from one of our FCP contracts.

patient outcome

If you need or want any further details about our FCP services, then please contact us.

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