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Irralee Andrzejowska

Senior Physiotherapist & Pain Management Specialist

Irralee is an Australian Chartered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience. She the only Physiotherapist in South Yorkshire who is trained as a SIRPA Practitioner (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association -

Irralee comes from a background of dance and has always engaged in sport and exercise. She enjoys racquetball and golf, as well as spending time outdoors in the Peak District- hiking, cycling and running. As an Aussie living in England, she is excited that she has recently overcome her aversion to cold water and Raynaud’s disease using the ‘mind body’ approach, so that now she can also enjoy wild swimming, even in winter!

Motivated by her desire for her patients to achieve their full potential, and not being satisfied by just managing chronic pain symptoms has led to Irralee discovering the fascinating scientific world of ‘mind body’ approach.  The SIRPA training is based on up-to-date neuroscientific research and clinical results, and this success has been backed up with evidence from two recent studies published in December 2021.

Irralee believes that the body follows the mind, and that there is a huge potential resource for wellness and recovery patients can learn to work with their nervous system to reduce fear and restore confidence in moving their body’s. She is passionate about helping people to recover from pain and disability, and since training with SIRPA, she has achieved results that were not possible with the traditional biomedical approach.

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