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Stacey graduated with a BSc (hons) Physiotherapy from Teesside University in 2011. Since graduating Stacey has worked with both NHS and private patients.

Stacey is experienced in treating a large number of Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal conditions. After 9 years working with a professional basketball team Stacey has gained a great understanding of a variety of different sporting injuries and also injury prevention. She is experienced in working with a Strength and Conditioning team to incorporate injury rehab and prevention into an ongoing workout program which also maintains overall fitness.

Stacey has worked with minors from the age of 11 to the elderly in their late 90’s. Working with a broad spectrum of age ranges means Stacey has a good understanding of realistic goal setting for each individual person’s needs.

Stacey has a keen interest in recreational running and has taken part in a few 5 and 10km charity runs in previous years as well as The Great North Run. Before having her son Stacey owned horses for many years, competing in regular events across the country and was also a regular gym goer. Now she enjoys finding new ways to exercise around the house and using the outdoors in a shorter space of time!

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