Sports Massage

Different sports can lead to common areas of tension in specific areas. Our experience will focus on releasing the muscles specific to your sport. We have been doing this for many years, so know exactly how to help.

Sports massage is a fantastic way to help athletes and sports people who need to keep their bodies in excellent condition, in order to release the build- up of muscle tension that comes from frequent exercise. This can help relieve any minor niggles, and work out problems before they cause an injury.

Sports massage can be performed prior to an event, to get the athlete ready for competition, and afterwards, to help achieve a quick recovery.

Key Points

  • Regular massage can alleviate discomfort, relax tight muscles and improve performance.
  • Keep your body in excellent condition and reduce the chances of injury.
  • High quality massage rooms with expert staff.

Your Sports Massage Team

Dan Kavanagh

“ I had a serious cruciate ligament injury, in fact the second one I have had playing football. Whitehouse were very good and had me back playing ahead of schedule. ”

- Dan Kavanagh

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