Wattbike Assessment & Training

The Wattbike was developed in association with British Cycling and is used by World and Olympic Champions. It is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback.

Here at the White House we use the Wattbike to offer detailed fitness testing. This is perfect, not only for cyclists, but for people involved in a multitude of sports, who are keen to accurately analyse and monitor their fitness.

The Wattbike is widely used by our clinicians for injury rehabilitation, particularly after knee arthroscopy and anterior cruciate ligament surgery, lower limb fractures and Achilles tendon repairs.

It gives us an objective measure of performance and allows us to analyse progress during rehabilitation.

Key Points

  • Measure rehab progress, performance and general fitness levels.
  • Widely used in knee, cruciate liagement, lower limb fractures and achilles tendon injurys.
  • Whitehouse specialise in Wattbike assessment and training with high quality facilities.

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