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From an early age, Julian has always been an exceptional golfer. He currently plays off a handicap of +3. When he first started golf specific training in the gym at the age of 18, he felt as though his two passions; Golf and Fitness, had come together and it seemed a sensible choice to pursue a career within these fields, alongside his aspirations to still become a Tour Pro.

As a result of that, Julian qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2019 and started his career working in the gym at Hallamshire Squash &Tennis Club. Later in 2020, Julian completed his Titleist Performance Institute(TPI) level 1 course, allowing him to specialise in golf injury screening and golf fitness.

Julian works at White House Clinic alongside clinic partner,Gregg Roberts, offering specialist services to golfers through ‘The Golf Clinic’. Julian undertakes TPI certified Golf Injury Screening Assessments for golfers, and also offers 1:1 personal training sessions and group training sessions with our Golf-Fit Classes.

Julian believes that golf specific training isn’t all about lifting heavy weights, although this can be a part of it, he believes the fundamentals of golf fitness need to be solid first and these include; mobility, stability and finally strength. Without this golf fitness training Julian doesn’t believe his golf game would be at the standard it is now. He believes it has enabled him to not only hit the ball more efficiently, but most importantly reduce his risk of injury. This is something he likes to achieve for all of his clients.

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