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We aim to take you through a journey of the very best in healthcare and to look after you throughout that journey, whether you are recovering from a simple strain or a complex operation.

Local GP with dislocated shoulder:

A local 51 year old GP dislocated his right shoulder in a fall in April.

He required intensive physiotherapy rehabilitation to help with pain relief, restore normal movement and regain rotator cuff strength.

He was able to return to playing a few holes of Golf nine weeks after his injury. In June he managed to play a full 18 holes at the local charity event. Full range of movement had been achieved and the patient was free of all pain. He was discharged at his next appointment as he had regained full function.

Fell runner with persistent calf pain:

A keen fell runner came to the White House for assessment on his calf injury. He strained it in the previous summer (about 8 months ago), and he had been struggling to run for more than 15 minutes since then. The calf kept on tightening up whenever he went any longer.

On assessment it was found that he had tightness and trigger points in the muscle as well as neural tension running down the sciatic nerve. He received trigger point acupuncture, soft tissue release and nerve mobilisations. This was complemented with a self stretching routine.

After a few treatments he was able to gradually build up his running time. He continued with treatment to release the muscle and eventually returned to his usual routine of fell racing with no problems.

Teenager with back pain:

A 16 year old boy came for treatment as he was suffering from more and more back pain over the past two years. He and his mother were concerned that he was suffering at such a young age. After an initial screening, it was deemed that his symptoms were mainly related to his posture. He spent a lot of time working at his computer, revising and playing xbox.

The boy had tight muscles all the way down the back, and into the shoulders. He also had a stiff thoracic spine. Treatment consisted of thoracic mobility exercises, postural advice (including taking regular breaks), soft tissue massage and self stretching. After a few weeks of this treatment he noticed his symptoms fading away, until they eventually disappeared. He was encouraged to continue with regular stretches and take care of his posture in order to maintain a healthy back.

Pharmacist with Headaches

A 41 year old pharmacist attended the clinic having experienced neck pain and headaches for a few weeks. It was identified that she had a restriction of movement in the joint in the upper section of the neck (C1-2) on the right side. Treatment with mobilisation techniques helped to ease the neck pain, however the headaches persisted.

The patient was concerned about her symptoms, so revisited her GP and was sent for further tests (including a scan and MRI). These were all clear, and she returned to the White House clinic 2 weeks later with persistent headaches.

After further assessment it was found that the patient had trigger ponts in the Sternocleidomastoid (a muscle at the front of the neck). Release of this seemed to help her symptoms significantly.

17 year old Rugby player with knee pain

A young and very keen sportsman attended the clinic after he was referred by his GP with recurring knee pain after a few rugby injuries. We found pain on the inside of the knee and positive tests for a strain of the medial ligament.

The hardest problem with this player was persuading him to take a couple of weeks out of playing to allow the injury to heal. After realising that this injury needed time to heal he took some time off, during which he had a home exercise programme and physiotherapy treatment to help the scar tissue.

After two weeks the player reported that his knee felt 100% better and he returned to playing rugby the following week.

James Walker

Service Development Director & Senior Physiotherapist

James is the Service Development Director and a Senior Physiotherapist at the White House Clinic. He qualified from Sheffield Hallam University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy in 2009.

James Walker

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Patient Sucess Stories

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