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Love pilates? or a newbie wanting to get started? Maybe you tried a self help dvd or spent hours on You Tube? Regardless of your ability, small group classes can unlock faster improvement, better technique and more enjoyment.

Pilates is a method where the 'core' spinal muscles are strengthened, improving posture and reducing the risk of injury while creating a perfectly strong and aligned body.

Many have heard of Pilates, or tried Pilates exercise in a large group environment similar to most yoga classes or group fitness classes, however this is only a small part of what Pilates actually offers and there is risk of performing the exercises incorrectly which can do more harm than good.

Today, a high population suffer with poor posture, muscle imbalances and back problems and therefore should be careful when taking part in generic exercise classes.

Have you tried to teach yourself Pilates with a DVD or join a large class and not got anywhere?

Initially, Pilates training is best taught one to one so that the pilates instructor can develop a workout tailored to the client's needs and give individual attention until both the instructor and client are confident they can progress to small group pilates classes. For individuals with serious injuries or limitations Pilates can be taught under one to one instruction where close attention can be given at all times.

People come to Pilates lessons with different goals. Some to increase fitness and tone their bodies, some to address back pain and injuries, some to improve their core stability for specific sports ( tennis, golf, squash to name a few) others to counterbalance a stressful lifestyle, or to improve their posture and flexibility.

One of the greatest aspects of Pilates training is that it is suitable for everyone, for all body types and fitness levels from the highest performing athlete to individuals with a variety of health problems. Beneficial to men and women, children, the elderly, and almost essential for pre and post pregnancy. It can be tailored to benefit everyone from your average slumped inactive teenager, stressed business professional and injured or aged clients.


  • Greater strength and muscle tone
  • Improved flexibility and agility
  • Strength, balance and coordination
  • A more efficient respiratory system
  • A healthy spine and improved posture
  • A flatter abdomen, toned arms and thighs and a stronger back
  • A refreshing mind-body workout
  • Sport Enhancement

Gregg Roberts

Operations Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Gregg is the Operations Director and a Senior Physiotherapist at the White House Clinic. He qualified with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009.

Gregg Roberts

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Get More From Pilates

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