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    I am an NHS GP and British Menopause Society (BMS) accredited Menopause Specialist. I feel privileged to be working alongside Naomi and her lovely team of associates.

    I graduated from Sheffield University in 2006 and pursued a career in General Practice.

    I completed my GP training in Doncaster in 2013 and stayed on at my training practice as a GP partner. This is where I developed my interest in women’s health.

    I attended hospital clinics to gain extra expertise, trained to fit implants and coils and also carried out specialised training in colposcopy procedures, for women with abnormal smears.

    I have now moved surgeries to be closer to home in Sheffield, where I live with my husband and two young (very energetic, football crazy) boys. I work at a challenging, yet rewarding, inner city practice.

    Over the years I have treated many women, who have struggled with their menopausal symptoms. I wanted to make sure I was providing evidence based and up to date care.

    I became a BMS member and hold the advanced certificate in menopause care. I really enjoyed gaining more experience in the menopause and now can put this into practice with my NHS and private patients.

    I have worked in the private sector since December 2020. The extra time we get is invaluable in picking apart a woman’s menopause and helping them feel human again. I get a great deal of satisfaction in specialising in the menopause and take a holistic approach in my care. I love seeing the changes to a woman’s life that can be made by managing the menopause properly.

    In my spare time I love to swim outdoors. The colder the water, the better! I write a blog about open water swimming and the great benefits it brings to our mental health.

Dr Laura Cawley

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Dr Laura Cawley

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