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The LivingCare Group, founded by Dr. Stephen Feldman in 2002, stands out as a pioneering healthcare provider in Yorkshire, catering to both NHS and private patients.

This organisation is driven by a deep commitment to delivering high-quality, patient-centred healthcare, tailored to individual needs and lifestyles. Their approach is local, with services delivered directly to the communities they serve, led by local clinicians and supported by a central team. Each month, over 5000 patients place their trust in LivingCare Group for their healthcare needs, attesting to their reputation for excellence and the tailored care they provide.

Central to the LivingCare Group's philosophy is their mission to enhance healthcare standards for patients, communities, and medical professionals. Their approach is comprehensive, ensuring that every member of the care team is engaged and that every phase of treatment is considered, aiming for the optimal outcome in each case. The organisation's core values are encapsulated in the acronym CARE: Caring for patients and colleagues, Accomplishment and ownership of work, Reliability in actions and commitments, and Empowering patients and staff. This foundation underpins their commitment to high-quality service provision, responsive care, and the achievement of the best possible outcomes for individuals within their care.

We're delighted to be partnered with the LivingCare Group at our state-of-the-art Sheffield East location.

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