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White House Clinic supporting “HGC Heroes” in “Longest Day Golf Challenge” in support of MacMillan Cancer Support


The “HGC Heroes”, made up of Tom Sadowski, Luke Fillingham, Jim Tasker and Jamie Shepherd, will be attempting to play 4 rounds of golf (72 holes!) in just 1 day. Their challenge will start in the early hours on the 28th of June and it will take place at Hallamshire Golf Club.

MacMillan Cancer Support are a well-known charity who help to support people, and their families, with cancer. People suffering with cancer throughout the pandemic may have felt more isolated then normal, let alone dealing with the emotions of potential delays to treatment due to COVID-19. This has made the support MacMillan provide more important than ever.

This particular charity is very close to all 4 participants of the “HGC Heroes”, and it is especially close to me as one of my closest family members is currently being treated for cancer.

Alongside donating to the cause, White House Clinic will be offering the “HGC Heroes” the full package of advice and treatment to assist with their training plans in the run up to the challenge. This will take place in the form of bespoke strength and conditioning plans to ensure they are both ready for the golf, as well as the gruelling nature of the endurance walk around the course 4 times. We will also provide some massage on the day, at the half-way point after the first 2 rounds, to aid recovery and hopefully help to make their legs feel a little less ‘heavy’ for the second half of the challenge. We hope that with our input, we will be able to make this exceptionally difficult challenge a little less daunting for them!

Do keep a look out for further posts from us about the “HGC Heroes” challenge and if you wish to donate please visit:

Gregg Roberts

Operations Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Gregg is the Operations Director and a Senior Physiotherapist at the White House Clinic. He qualified with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009.

Gregg Roberts

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