Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Alongside in-clinic physiotherapy The White House is proud to offer a range of Specialist Services:

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Home and Domiciliary Visits

If you are unable to make it to one of our clinics, we are able to arrange for a physiotherapist to visit you at home if necessary. We cover a wide geographical area, including West Sheffield, Dronfield, Hope Valley & Doncaster.

Sheffield Nutrition & Performance Consultancy

Sheffield Nutrition & Performance Consultancy (SNPC) is an evidence based service providing clinical support and nutritional advice for all. It is hosted as an integral part of our Sports and Exercise Medicine Service that works alongside doctors, health advisors and physiotherapists and provides a bespoke programme for patients. The programmes are research based with clinically proven benefits to aid control and management for candidates wishing to eat and drink more scientifically to maximise performance, aid day to day activities, well being and weight control. The evidence based approach targets performance and weight management with highly accurate metabolic analysis, blood tests, exercise performance testing with time specific treatment plans.

Manual Lympathatic Drainage therapy (MLD) by Tammy Peat

Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy or MLD for short is the A class treatment for the following situations:  

  • Lymphoedema as a secondary condition as a result of cancer operations where nodes are often removed or compromised.
  • Other secondary situations where Lymphoedema can arise are vein stripping, after traumatic Orthopaedic surgery operations and situations where lymph nodes have been damaged and or sacrificed
  • Lymphoedema as a primary due to a faulty lymphatic system, eg damaged vessels , too few vessels , inadequate nodes etc......     a condition which can arise from birth, during adolescence or later in life.
  • Lipoedema
  • Venous oedema.
  • Pre and post cosmetic surgery such as liposurgery , vaser liposuction to drain and reduce bruising much more quickly and promote healing .

MLD is a very light touch therapy where the skin is worked on in a rhymical and monotonous way, to get the superficial lymph vessels which lie very close to the skin to create lymphatic flow which has an effect on the deeper vessels thus creating drainage in an area where there is oedema (swelling ) and fibrotic tissue ( hard tissue ) .

The therapist drains the area to the next viable nodes in order to reduce swelling and pain .

MLD is a non painful and very relaxing treatment which works hand in hand with compression (we generally need to use compression bandages or use compression garments which are individual tailored )

Deep oscillation via the Hivamat equipment (distributed by Physiopod) is often used with the MLD technique by sending an electrostatic current into the area to break down and disperse the swelling more quickly.

Most patients need several treatments close together and over a certain amount of weeks.

Patients are taught to do some self massage techniques as well as breathing techniques and exercises to further what Is achieved in an MLD/CDT treatment. The aim of this is empower patients to take care of their limb/s and educate them on how to self manage their condition as much as possible in order to lead as normal a life as possible

For more information, or to book an appointment with Tammy Peat please call 0114 2302030

Corporate Health & Wellbeing

We offer a range of services to local businesses. Our proactive approach with companies and individuals gives you the chance to:

  • Prevent workplace musculoskeletal issues from occurring
  • Help to manage existing musculoskeletal disorders so that employees can remain at work
  • Offer accelerated return to work programmes for those currently signed off work and looking to return
  • Provide advice and training to employees in how to prevent and manage injury

Sheffield Sports & Exercise Medicine

Dr Adrian Lim MBBS, BSc, MRCP, FFSEM is a Bupa Approved Sports and Exercise Medicine consultant. He completed his undergraduate medical training at Imperial College London in 2007 and then underwent specialist training in Manchester at the English Institute of Sport and various hospitals including the Wrightington and Salford Royal. Since then, he has worked as an NHS consultant in NWCATS (Inhealth), Manchester as a clinical lead while also working for a variety of elite sports teams including Manchester City FC, GB Taekwondo, GB water polo and para swimming.

our TEAM

David Sprot
Senior Physiotherapist - Foot and Ankle Specialist (ESP)
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Dr Adrian Lim
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Gregg Roberts
Operations Director & Senior Physiotherapist
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Helen Dinneen
Senior Physiotherapist
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Irralee Andrzejowska
Senior Physiotherapist
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James Walker
Senior Physiotherapist
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Jason Howard
Managing Director
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Molly Sandhu
Senior Neuro-Physiotherapist
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Nanette Oakes
Senior Physiotherapist - Upper Limb Specialist (ESP)
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Ric Lockhart
Senior Physiotherapist
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Stacey Shepherd
Senior Physiotherapist
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Steve Canning
Clinical Director & Senior Physiotherapist
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Tammy Peat
MLD Therapist
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June Isles
April 2020

Love going to classes here. The online classes are invaluable whilst we are in lockdown. Thank you Joy for your enthusiasm and dedication.

Susan Marcer
April 2020

I had a video assessment with Gregg this week and it was brilliant. Given the circumstances I wasn't sure how affective it would be but was desperate for advice around...

Ben Graney
April 2020

Steve "cured" a neck and shoulder sports injury whilst practising karate. I have a monthly maintenance treatment to stay on top of it. Very good and pain free now

Debbie Knighton
November 2019

You can get all you want from this store

Alan Smith
September 2019

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