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It is well publicised that keeping a workplace healthy and moving can easily reduce the chance of long-term absenteeism. The White House Clinic can provide a personalised occupational physiotherapy service that will help your workforce get back to work as quickly and safely as possible. With the current COVID-19 situation and many people turning to work from home, the increase in musculo-skeletal conditions like back pain is increasing at an alarming rate. The White House Physiotherapy Team can help you and your workforce through this situation.

service benefits

The White House Clinic offers a range of services to local businesses and home workers. Our proactive approach with companies and individuals gives you the chance to:

  • Prevent workplace musculo-skeletal issues from occurring
  • Help to manage existing musculo-skeletal disorders so that employees can remain at work safely
  • Offer accelerated return to work programmes for those currently signed off work and looking to return
  • Provide advice and training to employees in how to prevent and manage injury

The White House Clinic brings a combination of clinical excellence and variety to our physiotherapy. We offer our clients superior treatments, at your convenience, with the peace of mind you get from a friendly, professional company that works alongside national insurers and healthcare providers.

The White House Clinic Occupational Physiotherapy Service can provide:

Video Consultation Ergonomic Assessments

A large percentage of the UK workforce have suddenly transitioned to working from home or working from home more. As this has been such a quick change many people don’t have the correct or ideal home office set up. This can impact on your posture with the potential to cause neck and back pain or repetitive strain injuries. If you need advice relating to your home office set up, or about any symptoms that have developed (or you are concerned may develop), then speak to our expert Occupational Health Physiotherapist regarding workplace ergonomics. There are often some simple solutions and exercises which can help you.

Video / Telephone Consultations

Our senior physiotherapists can assess you by video call or over the phone, providing valuable instant advice when it’s needed. Any further consultations can then be provided on or off-site as necessary.

On-site Physiotherapy - If you’ve got the room, we’ve got the expertise!

Once we return to face-to-face consultations within our clinics you can come to us! With 9 locations across the region, our physiotherapists can provide local care at a convenient time, including evenings and weekends.

How about an office massage?

If you can provide a small space or meeting room, then as soon as we are back treating patients face-to-face we can treat your team to regular revitalisation massages. These can help to relieve tension headaches, boost energy levels and reduce stress at work.  This can be one of the best ways to energise your team, making them feel invigorated, calm and refocused.

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Clinical Director & Senior Physiotherapist
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April 2020

Love going to classes here. The online classes are invaluable whilst we are in lockdown. Thank you Joy for your enthusiasm and dedication.

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I had a video assessment with Gregg this week and it was brilliant. Given the circumstances I wasn't sure how affective it would be but was desperate for advice around...

Ben Graney
April 2020

Steve "cured" a neck and shoulder sports injury whilst practising karate. I have a monthly maintenance treatment to stay on top of it. Very good and pain free now

Debbie Knighton
November 2019

You can get all you want from this store

Alan Smith
September 2019

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