The White House has always been built around our customers' privacy and confidentiality. We takes your privacy very seriously and treat all your personal data with great care. Our privacy policy sets out how we manage customers data and how our internal and online security impacts on the use of your information. It is recommended that you read our policy carefully and understand the defined in the Terms of Service.

Given the introduction of GDPR, we have:

Updated our privacy policy to include further information on which types of data we process, for how long we keep data, and which supporting groups we use for IT and Website information handling (see attached pdf)

Appointed a Data Protection Officer (Mr Gregg Roberts, Operations Director)

  1. Who or what is The White House Physiotherapy?

The White House Physiotherapy provides medical services that operates at numerous clinic locations and onsite venues as defined on our website and has an active online presence to support the delivery this service to it's customers.

The White House has an online booking system through its PMS ( patient management system) with a website link and provides information to it's patients with their consent.

The White House acts as processor on behalf of healthcare providers and will store and process your personal data on behalf of its customers, healthcare providers and other referring companies.

Key Points

  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Data usage
  • Marketing awareness
  • Privacy
  • Robust and trusted framework
  • Fully supported IT infrastructure and Digital Services enforces safety and provides every reassurance to our customers.
  • For further information: <>. Data Controller.

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