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Hiking is a great activity for fitness and weight control, as well as being a great social activity. We are lucky to be able to access some of the best walking land in the country with our proximity to the Peak District. There is plenty to explore, and a great variety of terrain, from a nice easy stroll to a full hardcore day hike, we've got it all on our doorstep.

Mountaineering injuries can occur in people of all ages and experience, from those who enjoy the occasional gentle stroll, to the extreme climber. Unfortunately we are all at some level of risk. If pitting yourself in the depths of nature is for your thing, there is nothing like being outdoors in all the elements have to throw at you.

Hikers, walkers and backpackers are more likely to suffer with ankle, knee and hip problems. Steep rough descents can be a particular problem, and this is where the use of trekking poles can be helpful.

Please contact us if you have suffered a walking injury and would like help and advice. We also have a short further reading article which provides some help and advice should you have suffered an injury.

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